A client may request a refund in the event of service delivery failure by the Service Provider, provided that all pre-requisites have been provided by the client on time.

Refunds will not be granted if the client fails to provide the required information after the contract has been made and work has commenced.

The Service Provider will not be liable for any negative consequences resulting from the clients history of business on Amazon or the internet, such as account or store suspension.

Refund requests will be processed within 30 working days, if applicable.

Clients who reach the break-even point within the first five months (where break-even is calculated as sales minus all direct and indirect product costs) are not entitled to a refund. Service charges are not included in product costing.

Customers who do not complete purchase orders on time or do not respond when required are not eligible for a refund.

Refunds will not be issued for reasons unrelated to the service, such as changes of mind or personal disagreements

Refund policy is voided if a discounted package is chosen.